Jan Shaw

Jan Shaw

Jan Shaw

July - August Gallery Exhibit

Jan Stephen Shaw

Fine Art Photographer / Flatlander Images

Jan’s photography roots can be traced back to early elementary school when his dad gave him a camera and a few rolls of film, encouraging him to start creating.

During middle school they added a darkroom in the basement for processing and printing black & white photographs. His high school years were spent taking pictures for the yearbook and submitting images to the local newspapers.

He always knew his career path would include photography but most colleges in the area didn’t offer a specific degree, so he turned his attention towards military service. He joined the Navy as a photographer. It was a six year enlistment that included advanced photography training and the opportunity to travel. His specialty was working with aerial reconnaissance film and maintaining the equipment used in the intelligence gathering process. After the military, he returned home and opened a full service photography studio in Ellsworth, Kansas. Several years later a second location was added in Russell.

Eventually, he transitioned away from studio work and left behind the dally hustle and bustle. This allowed him to refocus his love of landscape/ outdoor photography while having a day job with a purpose. Being a school bus driver offers the perfect balance. By utilizing social media, he is able to share his photography with an ever expanding audience, Many followers enjoy his portrayal of these amazing Kansas scenes via, “Out My Office Window” and “Adventures With Stella” – his trusty school bus – on his Facebook page.

Contact information: Janshaw1960@gmail.com

Facebook @ Jan Stephen Shaw

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