The Clayworks Program

The Clayworks is part of Disability Supports’ mission to create a higher standard of care for people with intellectual disabilities. Today, The Clayworks’ artists are not only reaping the rewards of their own efforts, but they are celebrated, embraced, and included in the life of their communities.

Art Is a Celebration of Life

Don’t confuse The Clayworks with “keep everybody busy” activities. These studios, galleries and retail stores play significant roles in working to accomplish Disability Supports’ goal of helping make life as full and as complete as it can be for our artists and their communities.

Inside The Clayworks, both the art and the artists are transformed. When artists begin a project, they start with a mound of clay, a pencil or a brush, or a sheet of paper. But as they work, the materials take shape with unexpected transitions and changes. By the time they’re finished, they’ve communicated their personality and feelings in a way words alone never could.


The Clayworks is proud to introduce a new program in partnership with the Cosmosphere International SciEd Center & Space Museum in Hutchinson. CosmoWorks will provide STEAM educational experiences and learning opportunities for The Clayworks artists and the community.

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