The Clayworks in McPherson

Inside this inventive, welcoming storefront is the original Clayworks studio and shop, where artists create, display, and sell original works. Opened in 2010, the site is a popular downtown McPherson destination for residents, gallery visitors, shoppers, and tour groups. Visiting The Clayworks is a journey of discovery, providing new perspectives on the power of creativity.

One Door North

Adjacent to The Clayworks in McPherson is a decidedly different kind of art gallery and creative space. It is a gallery where artists of all ages and abilities are invited to create, display, and promote art free of charge, for the benefit of both the artists and the community.

It is a space in which the spirit of art is fostered. Children explore the creative world. Professional artists display collections. Community groups gather to be inspired, to plan and connect. You’re invited to discover the textures, colors, beauty and spirit of this place and its people.

View the upcoming schedule of artists at One Door North

“One Door North is a beautiful, exciting place with an amazing mission. I feel truly inspired by both the surroundings and the artwork.”

Gallery Hours

Tuesday–Saturday, 10 a.m.–3 p.m. Thursday, Open to 6:30 p.m. Extended Hours During Holiday Season

Upcoming Events

The Clayworks in McPherson

107 N. Main St.
McPherson, KS 67460
T. 620.504.6550

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