The Clayworks Artists

The Clayworks is proud to feature a community of artists whose work rises to the level of beauty and quality found within galleries and among groups of artists anywhere. With 170 individuals eligible to participate in the program through Disability Supports, the variety of works displayed and available for sale is a celebration of the creativity found within every person.

“The artists’ attitudes and outlooks are enviable. Their sense of creativity is unhindered by the typical doubts and fear that limit the flow of ideas and creative expression in so many of us.”

This openness to experiment leads to a wide variety of expression including artisan pottery—decorative ornaments, mugs, bowls, jewelry, and sculpture—and a growing collection of drawings, paintings, weavings, and more.

Proceeds from all sales go directly to the artist, providing both the satisfaction of connecting with consumers but also the means to support a full, adventurous life.

Claywork artists work in the studio
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