Gwen McClenton

Gwen McClenton

Gwen McClenton

September Gallery Exhibit

Gwen McClenton began displaying her jewelry in Midtown Gallery in the month of September 2023. Be sure to come to see the beautiful designs she’s created.

Gwen McClenton – “Gweneth Originals”

For over 20 years I have been a Human Resources professional. Through that experience, I came to recognize the need to explore my inner creative child that would bring enjoyment. So, a year ago I started dabbling in copper jewelry having great fun along the way, however,  I came to a point at being self-taught that I knew I needed more. In January of this year, I started a silversmithing class and immediately realized I was hooked! What a wonderful ride this has been as I have learned new techniques and processes. Recognizing the beauty of the natural gemstones

My eye is drawn to the warmer tones of the copper and brass and natural semi-precious gemstones but the silver brings a completely different experience.   I have come to find my “fun” and I am so loving the opportunity to learn new things and engage with a new community of people on this artistic adventure.

I have two grown daughters who lovingly cheer me on as well as act as ambassadors for my creations!  So come along and enjoy this journey with me….the best is yet to come!

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