Lindsay Hendershot

Lindsay Hendershot

Lindsay Hendershot

March-April Gallery Exhibit

Please welcome Lindsay Hendershot to our McPherson Gallery, One Door North! We look forward to showing her beautiful creations through March and April of 2024. Stop in to browse and purchase her work.

107 N Main, McPherson KS

Tues-Sat 10 am to 3 pm


Lindsay Hendershot Bio

“I find that fluid art mimics nature.  Nature’s ethereal beauty serves as my inspiration.  I like to think of my paintings like a sunset.  There will never be one that looks exactly like another.  A painting that you get from me will be uniquely yours.  I create each piece for myself in hopes that it will captivate others producing positive feelings and emotions.”

Lindsay is an abstract fluid/mixed media artist.  She incorporates different techniques using manipulation and extreme colors to create unique designs.  Born and currently residing in Wichita, KS she spent her childhood and into adulthood trying to find her niche in the art world.

‘I can remember as a child that art was the only subject that was interesting.  I took several art classes in high school and college.  While I enjoyed those classes I felt that they only taught traditional art forms.  I struggled for many years trying to find my own artist foothold.  When I stumbled into fluid art, I knew I found something that truly spoke to me.  Fluid art allows me to break the rules and not obsess about perfection.’

Fluid art is the process of using different mediums in acrylic paint to make the paint “fluid.”  Through recipes and techniques unique abstract fluid art comes to life.  What is so interesting about fluid art is that no piece can ever be recreated exactly as before.  While you can use the same color palette and same paint mixtures the painting will always turn out divergent.  What is fascinating about fluid art is that everyone sees something different.  Each individual’s thoughts and visions are treasured making each piece more unique.

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