Jan Klassen

Jan Klassen

Jan Klassen

February Gallery Exhibit

Jan Klassen is our Midtown Gallery guest artist for February of 2024. Her artwork will be on display and available for purchase throughout February. A reception will be held in her honor…

Thursday, February 15th

5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

1125 N Main, Hutchinson


Jan Klassen Bio

Jan discovered the artist in her soul as an antidote to empty nest syndrome. Feeling as though she had a desire to grow and not give in to aging, she enrolled in a computer class at a local community college. Thinking that computer knowledge is necessary it is not however something that would be fun. Therefore, she also enrolled in an art appreciation class. The instructor for this class believed that the only way to appreciate art is to try it. She therefore incorporated hands on projects of painting, drawing, clay work, collage etc. into the curriculum. Jan found that she really enjoyed painting. And a passion was found.

In the years since, she has continued to take classes and grow in knowledge and inspiration. Her favorite times are in classes at MarkArts. The energy and support of the fellow classmates are a vital link to inspiration and creativity. Jan is a former member of Gallery XII in Wichita. Working with a cooperative Gallery gave her a space to always show her work and to work with and be inspired by other artists.

The Southwest landscape is what most often inspires this artist to paint. She finds that landscapes with no sign of habitation are what she enjoys most. Allowing the abstract beauty of nature to create the story. After a 20-year career in apparel retail as a buyer, department head, and fashion display, Jan finds letting her creative spirit free and making her own hours a pure luxury.

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