Joshua Johnson, Grace Price & Shai Christensen

Joshua Johnson, Grace Price & Shai Christensen

Joshua Johnson, Grace Price & Shai Christensen

January-February Gallery Exhibit

For the months of January and February, in our One Door North Gallery, we have three talented artists sharing their work. These artists are also part of our Clayworks team!

Josh Johnson

Josh is one of our talented instructors at the Hutchinson Clayworks! Here, he teaches our artists how to throw on our adaptive potters wheel, mixes glazes, operates the kiln, provides creative guidance to our artists, and so much more!

“I was introduced to ceramics in middle school, falling in love with the process immediately. I find throwing, and the whole ceramic experience to be the most therapeutic process I’ve ever experienced. I love to make functional pieces the most, such as coffee mugs. My favorite thing about pottery is being able to unload a kiln, it’s like Christmas with every load.”
– Joshua Johnson

Grace Price

Grace is one of our talented instructors at the Hutchinson Clayworks! She spends her time here teaching our artists, designing new projects, operating the kiln, and so much more!

“Art has been an influence in my life since I was young. Through the years I have found interest in various media, my initial favorite media was charcoal. My favorite subject matter is people. I find when doing a portrait that it often portrays emotion and feeling better than words can express.”

“I particularly enjoy doing photo realism in charcoal, one of these realism pieces was hung in Carnegie Hall! Since then, working with acrylics has become a new interest of mine. I have begun to enjoy adding abstract elements to the portraits and scenes I have painted. I love the thought provoking twist it can have on a piece.”

“I have also grown to love ceramics. Sculpting and hand building are my two favorite ways to work with clay. It has been a joy to learn various media and utilize them to form new ideas. The possibilities are endless!” -Grace Price

Shai Christensen

Shai is the Program Manager at The Clayworks, where she oversees the daily operations of their art studios and curates the The Midtown & One Door North galleries. Shai attended Fort Hays State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and a Secondary Art Education degree in May of 2020.

In her personal artwork, Shai works in the abstract, reaching for colors and mediums intuitively. Shai favors charcoal, pastels, collage, acrylic paint, and ink because these media cater to her desire to work fast and instinctively. This work stems from the Abstract Expressionism movement as she focuses on individualism, personal expression, and experimentation.

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