Cathy Cole

Cathy Cole

Cathy Cole

February-March Gallery Exhibit

We welcome Cathy Cole to Midtown Gallery from now until the end of March. Cathy is displaying her beautiful glass creations in our cabinet spaces. We’re excited to have her work displayed for our Hutchinson community to enjoy. Stop in today to browse and purchase her work.

As always, we will recognize our gallery guests on Third Thursday from 5pm to 8pm. Refreshments are served and all are welcome.


Cathy Cole Bio:

I think glass is the most fascinating medium I could use to create art. Once glass is headed it has a mind of its own. No two pieces are the same no matter how hard you try to duplicate the piece. Glass is also a very fickle medium. It demands respect from the handling to the cutting to the fusing to the finished product. Glass can be an unforgiving medium.

About 16 years ago, I purchased a kiln that could be used on both ceramics and glass. After fusing my first piece of glass, I was hooked. Ceramics never stood a chance. I have tried my hand at stained glass and blowing glass, but my favorite is fused glass.

It is such a rush to create a piece of artwork that is made completely of glass. Not one of my pieces includes glass paint. I create functional fused glass pieces like spoon rests and business card holders. But creating a piece of true artwork, something that has been made just to sit on a shelf and be admired is my favorite creation; and the bigger the better.

My husband and I live outside of Ashland, NE in a home we built ourselves. Instead of a dining room we felt a “work room” would fit our lifestyle. My studio is in the work room and my husband built my glass storage area. Learning by trial and error, with no formal glass-fusing lessons has been trying at times but I will admit some of my failures have turned into some beautiful pieces.

I attended art shows in Houston, TX, Sioux City, IA, El Dorado, KS, and Lincoln, NE, and was a resident artist for about five years at Lewis Art Gallery in Omaha, NE. Nothing is more gratifying than having a customer find a piece of my art that speaks to them. While I create my art for others to enjoy there are pieces that I hate to sell; it’s like losing someone close to me. That may sound silly but a lot of my heart and soul go into each one of my creations.

Please spend time viewing my artwork and if you love the style of the piece but it’s the wrong color or size, I am happy to take on special orders.

Ashland, NE


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