Artist Reception – Curtis Haynes

Artist Reception – Curtis Haynes

Artist Reception – Curtis Haynes

June 15, 2023
, 5:00 pm

Reception for Curtis Haynes

Thursday, June 15th

5 pm to 8 pm

1125 N Main

Enjoy tea, wine, and cookies. Meet the artist, view and purchase Curtis’s work as well as our Clayworks artist’s creations. 

Curtis Haynes Artist’s Statement
I fell in love with painting on acrylic panels during an artist workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I like to experiment and discover ways to create artwork that is unique. After cutting the panels I sand and polish the edges until clear. In painting on acrylic panels, the result is not immediately known until the piece is turned over and viewed from the front. Sometimes I leave the protective covering on the viewing side until finished. Then I imagine what the piece might look like as I paint. Shining a light on my paintings shows there is more than meets the eye at first glance. Metallics and other effects can be seen, color shift paints change, etc. My art education began in 2010 when my wife signed me up for an art class without asking me. Since then, we continue to take classes from established artists.

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